In 1969, a unique and distinct vision surfaced in an environment which has been dreaming for the new, porfessional and excellent. It got represented in the construction and building organization at the city of Unaiza in the center of the Kingdom of saudi arabia.

Within a few years the organization was able to occupy a significant space on the map of business and construction in the kingdom. With its name becoming a landmark in the world of development and professionalism, the organization actively participated in the legendary revolution of construction and building witnessed by the kingdom in seventies of the past century. The organization continued rendring its services till it achieved its first success in the world of steel and MEKHRAZ appeared as the first trade mark in the field of steel in the kingdom

Now inspired by the name MEKHRAZ we enter the world of marble, natural stones and mosaics with a new vision that combines the splendour of marble with the ancient human history symbolised in its veins, colouredand varieties as well as our modern vision of development and invention in order to adopt this new old name - MEKHRAZ MARBLE AND SAND STONE

We in this project of ours depend upon our capability of offering the largest variety of marbles, natural stone and mosaic to a distinguished section of society in arabian peninsula. In the next few years, we aspire to gain a distinct place in the market of North africa, Europe and the rest parts of Asia, reassurfing credibilty in offers.quality in execution, speed in surrendering and professionalism appropriate for the era of the advanced business